Summer 2014

Dear guests,

Summer as ended few weeks ago.
And we were thrilled to see our cottage welcome several families mainly from all around the Europe : England, Spain, Netherlands.

___ Disney

Most of them going to Disneyland Paris of course : the new exhibit « Ratatouille » seems to be a great hit, all the comments being very enthusiastic !


By the way, a great idea some of our guests had was to combine the use of an annual pass (providing them with an absolute freedom to get in the park whenever they wanted to) and visit it everyday single day starting at 7PM. Exactly when most of the other tourists where leaving !

Conclusion : they were waiting 5 to 10mn before each attraction ! Isn’t it magical ! 😉

A complete user guide

For the first time, we’ve not been there all summer long which wasn’t easy to deal with : we try so much to welcome our guests and provide them with all the necessary help that not being in Jossigny was a bit of a stress !

But we had managed to have everything ready, friends of us taking care of each family arriving.
Apart from that we had designed a very thorough user guide of the cottage providing both all the practical info on the cottage (ranging from to use of the electric appliances to the best way of sorting out the trash) as well as useful info on Disney, nearby restaurants or a list of places to visit.

Gite de la Villa Chanteclair User guide

Gite de la Villa Chanteclair User guide

We hope these documents helped each one of you that chose our cottage to enjoy it as much as possible. Even if we weren’t there.

Far away in Moab, Colorado, we one evening received a message from a guest to inform us of a technical glitch in the bathroom. Luckily, using both Facebook (would this be useful?!) and email, we could manage to reach one of our friends and found a way for him to get in the cottage during the following day to repare what needed to be !
We were very relieved when we received a nice message from our guest to confirm everything was ok !

A nice little surprise !

A week before we came back a surprise was born in our garden : a baby shetland pony ! Awesome living soft toy now getting bigger. By the way he is named Eragon ! You should check the last video we’ve uploaded on Facebook !



Continuous improvements

As this summer period is finished, we keep on working in our cottage to improve it from decoration to other elements. We’ll give you more details as these works will have taken place.
We even need to improve our administrative tasks to comply with French rules as we had the surprise to receive a visit from official services to check our rental agreement and other documents !

We’ve updated our flyer with our prices for summer 2015.

Available here


Managing a cottage is an everyday source of improvement and learning !

We wish to welcome you soon and have the pleasure to introduce you both to our cottage comfort and our way of providing the best service we can. Both for the pleasure to say « Welcome home » and to help you enjoy the nicest possible holidays in France !

Eric & Alexandra

Gite de la Villa Chanteclair
Because we love saying « Welcome Home »
#WelcomeHome #DisneyCottage



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