Plan your visits from our cottage Gite de la Villa Chanteclair !

As it is a good idea to plan your visits and find informations regarding the places you want to discover when you arrive in France, we have prepared a PDF file meant to be simple and useful : a list with all the main places to visit with all the internet links in english and in french.

More than 40 links to help you plan your visits from our cottage Gite de la Villa Chanteclair near Disney.

And each time we have found an online store or a mobile app to download to your smartphone/tablet, it is indicated.

These 40+ links are organised in various families : Disney, Paris, Around the cottage (Autour du gite), Others places (autres excursions), Pratique, Shopping.

This document can be downloaded here.

Among various places, we have selected :

Disney, the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, Arc de Triomphe, Bateaux Mouches, Louvre Museum, Cité des Sciences de l’Industrie Museum,  Vaux le Vicomte Castle,   Felins Park, Provins Medieval City, Blandy les Tours Castle,  Ferrières Castle, Montevrain Spa, Lagny’s swimming pool, Great War Museum (1st WW),  Versailles Castle, Fnac online ticket (good bargains on Disney entrances!), etc.

This document is meant to be easily printed or displayed on an iPad 🙂

Enjoy this flyer, we hope it will be useful. And do not hesitate to provide us other ideas of places to add !

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